Thursday, 26 April 2012

Edmund Charles Tarbell and My Three Granddaughters

'My Three Granddaughters' (1937) by Edmund Charles Tarbell; Private Collection

I have totally rediscovered Impressionism! I honestly thought that I had sort of outgrown my love for (French) Impressionist painters a long time ago but I discover so many new Impressionist painters that I think I might not have gotten tired of Impressionism itself but probably of the famous painters and their famous paintings. I had a small list of painters to choose from today but the moment that I saw the images of the paintings by American Impressionist Edmund Charles Tarbell, born on April 26, 1862, I knew I had found today's match. I'm really glad to have found another amazing painter unknown to me. Then I had the difficult task to choose only one painting for this post. Tarbell was famous for his elegant interiors and paintings of his family. He painted his wife, their four children, his wife's sisters or his grandchildren. The painting 'In the Orchard' (1891) is considered his masterpiece, a depiction of his wife and her siblings. I chose another painting though, an image of his grandchildren and it's called 'My three granddaughters'. I think it is beautiful and I think it's wonderful as well that Tarbell portrayed his family and thus their lives.

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