Thursday, 22 March 2012

Richard E. Miller and the Plaid Skirt

'The Plaid Skirt' (date not found) by Richard Emil Miller; Private Collection?

Richard Emil Miller, born on March 22, 1875, was according to his Wikipedia page (read link) 'a major American Impressionist painter and a member of the famous Giverny Colony of American Impressionists'. I had never heard of him nor of the Giverny Colony. I googled his name and images and there were lots of images of women in beautiful dresses (or no dresses at all). Scrolling down the page, this painting caught my eye because of the colours and the chequered skirt. But I could easily have chosen another one since there were many paintings that I like. So again, I am happy to add this painter to my ever growing list of painters unknown to me. Miller studied art in his hometown St. Louis but went to France to study in Paris. He stayed there for 16 years and became a leading member of the Giverny Colony. This was a group of US Impressionist painters who lived near the village of Giverny in the 1880s and worked in the countryside. Miller's paintings show women seated at a table in a room or in a garden. The title of the painting shown here is 'The plaid skirt'. I discovered the title after being drawn to the image because of the plaid skirt. I didn't find a date for the painting nor its location but it must be in private hands. It sold at an auction for $314,000. See here and here for auction details.

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