Saturday, 21 January 2012

Harriet Backer By Lamplight

'By Lamplight' (1890) by Harriet Backer; The Rasmus Meyer Collection,
The Bergen Art Museum, Bergen

I was extremely fortunate today. I hadn't found an artist yet for this post and was flipping through the book "1001 paintings you must see before you die" and I saw this beautiful painting by Harriet Backer, a Norwegian painter that I had never heard of before. I googled her name and it was almost a shock to find out that she was born on the 21st of January, 1845. How lucky can you get! Harriet Backer was a leader among female artists both in Scandinavia and other European countries. I chose the same painting as I found in the book although I could have easily picked another one since I like her paintings. 'By Lamplight' stands out because of, not surprisingly, the beautiful light. It also breathes an air of loneliness. Imagine how this painting must look in real life. Never been to Norway. Apparently I have to see it before I die.

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